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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Q: Where does Long Island Wedding Dance operate?

A: Long Island Wedding Dance is located in Westbury and Glen Head at this time. We also have specialized package and pricing options for in-home services and virtual dance lessons.

Q: How soon/far ahead should I book my appointment?

Every couple is different and every individual learns differently. That being said, we normally advise clients to book at least 4-6 weeks before their wedding date so that they get the most our of their lessons. The weeks leading up to your big day will get busy and stressful and we want to make sure that you enjoy your time on the floor!

Q: Do you provide a written agreement?

A: Long Island Wedding Dance provides a written agreement for all packages purchased which is signed electronically via our appointment booking page.

Q: Are you sufficiently insured?

A: Yes! Long Island Wedding Dance instructors and locations hold professional liability insurance.

Q: Will you help with my music choice?

A: All Long Island Wedding Dance instructors have the ability to help you decide what music is appropriate for your event.

Q: Should I tip my instructor?

A: With any service profession, tipping is always optional. If you feel that the teacher has provided an exceptional job for you, a 10-15% tip (of your package price) is not unreasonable.

Q: How should I be dressed?

A: Comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn for the first few lessons. After that we ask that clients wear the shoes they will be wearing the day of the event so that they break them in and get comfortable. We also ask that you bring your shoes with you in lieu of wearing the shoes you walked into the studio with. This cuts down on excess dirt and weather conditions being brought onto the studio floor and prevents injury of other dancers utilizing the space.

Q: Am I able to extend my package?

A: We understand that sometimes things com up and you may need to extend your package past it's expiration date. Even though you book a specific package, extensions are always available for purchase. Ask your instructor for more information or visit the web store.

Q: How do I book an appointment?

A: All appointments are booked quickly and easily online through our appointments and web store page. Please be advised if you have purchased a Social Network deal, you must visit our packages page and follow the steps located on that page in order to redeem.


All payments must be made in full prior to the start of the first lesson on a package or a late fee of $20 will incur.  

All regularly priced lessons and workshops are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise stated.

All social network deal lessons are 30 minutes in length.

All packages adhere to strict expiration terms. and all package start dates begin at purchase time. Please check your package for your expiration date.

Private lessons on packages, must be booked on a weekly basis. Make-ups are available at the instructors discretion.

All private lessons and workshops require a 1 day prior cancellation policy. Lessons that are cancelled within time period will be deducted from your package, no exceptions. Please note, the client must cancel lessons via the Appointments and Retail page. Emails or voicemails left for the studio will not suffice as a cancelled lesson.

All lessons follow the school district calendar. During the winter months, the studio will close due to extreme weather conditions and provide notification via email and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please keep in mind this is for the safety of not only our instructors, but our clients as well. 

All Social Network Deal clients MUST book their first appointment prior to their deal expiring. You then have 30 days to use all remaining lessons. Long Island Wedding Dance is not responsible to fulfill deals that have lapsed or expired.

There are no refunds or transfers. Long Island Wedding Dance reserves the right to change prices and/or packages at any time without advanced notice.

Gifts and Social Interactions

Dance Studios and the Dance Industry in general is and has always had elements of social interactions which occasionally can create undesired issues for the Studio, Professional Dancers/Teachers, Coaches, Performers, and Students. 

With this in mind it is important to clarify our policy and reasons for it in these subjects.

Ø Gifts between one student and another are between those parties, however these should not be exchanged in the studio for any reason.  It creates an environment where if the gift is unwanted or creates an unpleasant sentiment for the gift giver or the intended recipient the studio could become an unpleasant place for both.  This is unfair to the students involved, and also for the teachers and the studio in general.  Keep in mind that a Dance Studio is a business.

Ø Gifts, Tips traditionally given to one's Teacher or Coach, or from a Teacher to a Student or other Teacher must never be of a personal nature. Birthday or Holiday gifts or even a gift intended as a "Thank You" for hard work and effort are best given in a generic form of cash/gift card/check in a generic Holiday, Birthday, or Thank You card, without fanfare. These gifts are certainly appreciated, but it is important to not create an uncomfortable environment for anyone involved.  All too often, the gift giver may mean something perfectly innocent and yet others may feel bad either because they cannot afford to give a gift, or they perceive favoritism, or offense can be taken by a relation of the recipient. Teachers and Coaches must also be conscious of this.

Social Interactions

Ø Invitations and solicitations to attend social events should not be made by Students to Teachers, Teachers to Students, Teachers to Coaches, Coaches to Teachers, or any combination thereof on studio premises or events attended under the studio name.  This can create an unpleasant environment for any of those individuals and a tone of favoritism and exclusion.  The ONLY exception to this rule is when everyone is being invited as a group and we are all going as a team spirit motivation.


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